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The Most Trusted, Award-Winning Pet Grooming Salon in Springfield, Illinois

All pet owners want their furry friends to look and feel their best but grooming at home can be a real challenge. Leave pet grooming up to the professionals at Doggone Gorgeous Four Paw Salon! We love animals and have been providing affordable grooming services for more than 25 years. Between our compassionate care, clean facility, and recommendations from vets in our area, why go to anyone else for your cat’s or dog’s grooming? We provide so much more than haircuts and nail trims for your pooch; we deliver a pampering pet spa experience and make your pet look doggone gorgeous!

Our Pet Grooming Services

We Also Offer Creative Grooming!

We are now offering ”creative grooming”! We can do different things with the gems too! You pick where you would like them or let us decide! We have many different bows to add as well! Lots of colors & style options!

Our Grooming Packages

Full Groom
Our Full Groom Package includes the following services for your pet: all-over haircut, nails cut, bath, ears cleaned, blow-dry, finish cut, leave-in conditioner spray, and cologne.
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Mini Groom
Includes brush out, nails cut, pads shaved, shave over eyes, sanitary areas clipped clean, bath, ears cleaned, blow-dry, finish brush out, leave-in conditioner spray, and cologne.
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Bath & Brush Out
Our Bath and Brush Out Package includes the following services: brush out, nails cut, bath, ears cleaned, blow dry, finish brush out, leave-in conditioner spray, and cologne.
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Nails Only
Our Nails Only Package includes cutting all nails and filing upon request, ensuring your pet's nails are trimmed to perfection, keeping nails looking neat and well-maintained.
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Complimentary Grooming Add-Ons

We are happy to provide these services upon request with your pet’s grooming package at no additional cost.

  • Nail filing by request
  • Plucking ear hair – Pet must allow for it and cannot have serious ear problems.
  • Conditioner with bath – All medium and long-haired dogs automatically receive conditioner during their bath. Short-haired dogs may receive conditioner by request or if we deem it necessary.
  • Substitution of regular shampoo with oatmeal bath
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About Doggone Gorgeous - Your Choice for Pet Pampering and Grooming in Springfield, IL

All dogs will receive humane treatment and loving care here at Doggone Gorgeous Four Paw Salon—whether they are playful and happy or difficult to groom! Our top priority is putting dogs at ease and creating an enjoyable grooming experience. We only use warm water, and every dog also receives a clean, fresh towel.

With over 25 years of experience and recommended by many local vets, Doggone Gorgeous Four Paw Salon specializes in senior and difficult dogs. We groom all breeds of dogs and cats are also welcome!

Offering clean facilities and professional groomers, owner Mila Beck welcomes you and your loving pet. Call 217.698.4091   today for an appointment.

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