Full-Service Pet Spa for All Dog Breeds in Springfield Illinois

Our locally-owned-and-operated pet spa offers full grooming services and packages with certified animal hygienists and grooming specialists. We provide a friendly, pet-centered experience in a clean facility to make your furry friend feel comfortable and pampered. Doggone Gorgeous Four Paw Salon uses only premium, non-toxic products. Whether you just need us to trim you puppy’s nails or you want a cut and style that says “Best in Show,” we can accommodate both simple and more complicated requests. Cats are also welcome for grooming services. We understand the special needs of senior dogs and dogs who are difficult to trim, and we never use tranquilizers or restraints. Visit our pet spa and see why we are the most trusted grooming center in the Springfield, Illinois area.

Our Grooming Services

Full Grooming Services

We offer four grooming package options that cover different combinations of services depending on your needs. Full Groom covers an all over haircut, nail trimming, bath with conditioning treatment, ear cleaning, and blow drying. You may also request additional services during your pet’s appointment.

Nail Trimming & Filing

Trimming your dog’s nails is important; long nails are uncomfortable for your pet to walk on and may cause foot problems over time. We have the professional training to safely and effectively trim your pet’s nails. Upon request, we are also happy to file your pet’s nails for a smooth look and feel.

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Bath & Blow Dry

What’s a day at the pet spa without a luxurious warm bath and conditioning treatment? We use quality, non-toxic products to shampoo and condition your cat or dog, and offer oatmeal bath options, too. After your pet is nice and clean, we’ll blow dry them and spritz them with pet cologne.


Do you want to try out a new look on your pooch? Are you preparing your beloved dog for a show and need breed-standard grooming? Our grooming specialists want your furry friend to look their best, whether showing off around the neighborhood or to win at competitions!

Pluck Ear Hair

To keep your dog’s ear canals clean and to help prevent ear infections, we will pluck their ear hair as long as your pet allows us to perform this procedure. If your pet frequently experiences ear problems or has an ear infection at the time of their appointment, we will not carry out this service.

Teeth Brushing & Teeth Scraping

Cats and dogs need to practice dental hygiene, just like their owners, to stay healthy. Sometimes chewing on bones is not enough. Our certified animal hygienists will brush your pet’s teeth and use tools similar to your dentist to scrape harmful plaque and tartar buildup from the gumline to the tip.

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Anal Gland Expression

Sometimes smaller dogs or dogs that do not intake enough fiber have issues with their anal glands and need a little help emptying them. Allow our professional team to perform anal gland expression to relieve your pup. If you notice blood or pus when they go, take your dog to a vet immediately.

Medicated Baths & Flea Baths

If your dog is recovering from a recent surgery or suffers from sensitive skin, skin allergies, or a skin infection, our caring groomers can offer soothing medicated baths to help the healing process and offer relief. We also provide flea baths to rid your cat or dog of those pesky parasites.

We groom cats, too!

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Our Grooming Packages

Full Groom

Our Full Groom Package includes all over haircut, nails cut, bath, ears cleaned, blow dry, finish cut, leave-in conditioner spray, and cologne.

Mini Groom

Our Mini Groom Package includes brush out, nails cut, pads shaved, shave over eyes, sanitary areas clipped clean, bath, ears cleaned, blow dry, finish brush out, leave-in conditioner spray, and cologne.

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Bath & Brush Out

Our Bath and Brush Out Package includes brush out, nails cut, bath, ears cleaned, blow dry, finish brush out, leave-in conditioner spray, and cologne.

Nails Only

Our Nails Only Package includes cutting all nails and filing upon request.

We are happy to provide these services upon request with your pet’s grooming package at no additional cost:

  • Nail filing by request
  • Plucking ear hair – Pet must allow for it and cannot have serious ear problems.
  • Conditioner with bath – All medium and long-haired dogs automatically receive conditioner during their bath. Short-haired dogs may receive conditioner by request or if we deem it necessary.
  • Substitution of regular shampoo with oatmeal bath